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You are right KIYA...It was ALL MELO's fault that the Knicks were down by 22 and if Melo would have stayed in the game, the Knicks would have LOST. Yep, the KNICKS are having their best season in a DECADE INSPITE of MELO LEADING the NBA in SCORING In fact, the reason why we WON ALL THOSE GAMES IN NOVEMBER,DECEMBER AND JANUARY WHILE STAT WAS ON THE BENCH was because not only is STAT a 1st ballot HALL OF FAMER, HE is ALSO A great CHEERLEADER and stayed the night in a HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS last night

Yes, it was Iso-Melo slow-ballin halfcourt-offensive set on every offensive-possession for 14 straight minutes that let headcoach Byron Scott transition strategy with Irving & Spieght take a 22 point lead.
I guess u didnt notice K-Mart & Kidd sitting together on the bench watching their same moves being used on the Knicks when Byron Scott were their headcoach.

We won 36 games out of 57 games on the STRENGTH of HOF Jason Kidd.
Owner Cuban and headcoach Carlilse have a big reason to be angry at Jason Kidd.
Jason Kidd has a long-long career of improving his teammates talents & skillz

This season with Kidd we had a 18-5 start.
Last season without Kidd we had a 8-15 start with Melo averaging 31 points per game.
It took Linsanity without Melo & JR to go on a couple of win-streaks to make us a .500 team.
Do the Math
Do the math again so your next response will have logical-facts