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There is no way u can compare Melo to Iverson .. Iverson were the unconditional first pick of the draft, plus Iverson publically stated to fans and the NBA during his rookie season "that he is not a PG, reguardless of the 8 to 12 assist he gives out per game". Which forced the Philly 76ers to trade their high scoring SG-Stackhouse to get Iverson a PG name Snow. The tandem backcourt of Snow & Iverson took Philly to the finals, plus made Philly a 3rd or 2nd round playoff team each season. Not a first-rounder like Melo.

Iverson biggest controversy were telling the League he is not a PG! (something Marbury shouldve did)
Iverson controversy was not being the first player to wair braids, or to miss ego coach Larry Brown practices (every star player missed Larry Brown abusive practices starting with Suger Ray Richardson, David Robinson, Rodman, Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, and practically all of the Championship Detroit roster.).

The Denver Nuggets forced a running-uptempo Iverson to play PG with slow-ball moving SG-JR.smith & SF-Melo. This is why u always seen a running-transiton Iverson scoring a layup on a 1 on 2 or 1 on 3 defenders beating the shiii out of Iverson .. u rarely seen JR, Melo, Nene, Camby run on a fastbreak with Iverson.
This is why Melo & JR look lost on every fastbreak the Knicks run the past two seasons...

Kiyaman you can easily compare those two together when you are comparing them by 1) Shoots the ball way to much 2)Don't want to share the ball or become a team player and 3) More worried about padding their stats than winning 4)Does'nt play no defense at all.Thats what im talking about and you know all of that is the truth to both AI and Mello..I have nothing againist melo and I wish him nothing but the best BUT the things that I just told you are all facts and a team cannot win when they have a guy on their team that does that.Melo could be so much better on the floor were he is so gifted and talented but you have to use that talent like all the greats did and Melo isn't doing that.jmo