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ppl criticize melo way too much. just imagine if this team didn't make the trade a couple years ago and we kept our young talent and stat. we'd have a .500 team with a broken down former star player, and no free agents would want to come here. jus had to mention that.
All the Criticism that people puts on melo is deserved b/c of all the talent that he has he is wasting on the court.What do we talking about when melo does something good on the floor? I'll tell you its nothing but scoring b/c thats all he does.The guy is a great athlete and when you are a great athlete you should be able to do EVERYTHING.That means play defense,hustle,find the open man when he is doubled,involve his players more by playing team ball,rebound and score.Scoring isn't everything in basketball.

I don't know how you could say if we would'nt have made the trade for melo we would only be a 500 team with stat.That team was coached by a guy who did'nt know what the word defense or rebound ment.That team had the talent to win and play with anybody but they did'nt have no coach to teach them.Gallo is playing great with denver and I personally still hate that he isn't here with the knicks.That team played very well with each other on the court b/c they included EVERYBODY.They averaged scoring alot of points every game and played team ball!! The only thing that keep that team from winning was the coach b/c he did'nt teach defense or rebounding.