Knicks coach: Melo asked out before spill; star questionable for next two games


The Knicks coach said yesterday he could have protected Carmelo Anthony from a nasty spill that KO’d him with a right-knee injury Monday had he only listened to his star’s request to exit the game. Now the gaffe could cost Anthony at least two games.

“Melo was hurting,” Woodson said in his weekly appearance on ESPN Radio. “He asked me to come out of the game before he actually took that spill. It made me realize something wasn’t right. He’s never ever, ever wanted to come out of a game. I’ve played him too much. Melo is a trouper, warrior and tough kid.”
The Knicks listed Anthony as questionable for tonight’s game at Detroit because of a "stiff/sore right knee." General manager Glen Grunwald, in an appearance on WFAN, said Anthony is “not certain” for tomorrow’s game against the vaunted Thunder at the Garden.

“I should have [taken him out],” Woodson said. “Stubborn coach. I just didn’t. We’re down 22. I’m going to leave one of my best players in the game. “Maybe I should’ve taken him out before he stumbled and took the fall,’’ Woodson added. “I’m thinking the game, he’ll play through it and figure it out. He was hurt, and walked out after he took the spill and didn’t come back. That’s not Melo-like.” Anthony said his knee has bothered him for two weeks, but the Knicks medical staff has not diagnosed anything serious. Anthony said he underwent an MRI exam Saturday and no structural damage was found.

Ok, so where do I even begin???? You have a coach ignoring his star players request to be subbed. This is the same coach that is ultra delicate with players for injury purposes. What pisses me off as well is you're not supposed to be in a position to NEED your star player in the game down 22 against a 20-40 team! Finally, this man had the balls to say he figured Melo would play through it and figure it out. So you realized somoething wasn't right but still left him in the game... WOW! What kind of BS is that?? You don't mess with your star player's health, especially when you continually say that Melo is a huge part of what you do. I'm disgusted by this.