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this was a tough loss, but we should be more encouraged with the defensive effort than anything else. the biggest thing i take out of this game is kenyon martin's play. he was physical and aggressive. i also think the team followed his lead on defense there. kenyon could be a very important piece down the stretch.

Aiite .. Great Knicks Game
The one point loss was dissapointing ....
but the Knicks 30 minutes of "TEAM-DEFENSE" took me back to the exciting 18-5 start

Did I expect the Knicks to win? NO!
Did I expect the Knicks to play 30 minutes of hard team-defense? Hell-NO!
Did I expect our defense level to get 12 turn-overs out of Durant & Westbrook? Hell-NO!
Did we play at the same level as the OKC Thunders? u damn right we did, our defense was equal, but our offense in the final minutes went back to the Melo way of doing things. It's o.k we know now, it need a strategic change.

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they got back to back stops on westbrook and durant down the stretch.

The back to back STOPS on Durant/Westbrook is what we called, "Knicks basketball" back in the daze of Reed/Debush/Phil Jax/Clyde and Ewing/Oak/Mason/Starks .. Defense is the best offense.
Stat's defense made up for his poor FG% and low scoring, I will take that kind of performance from Stat for the rest of the season.
And K-Mart 6 foul Defense on Durant gets MVP!!!

Great Game
Win-sum lose-sum