Who do you like the most for this team?

I always felt Nate was underrated. No denying there was times he was a little wild, but I still feel his label as a crazy ballhog is untrue. You expect him to rely on Duhon? Of course when he went to the Celtics people said they changed him which was complete bs, he was still wild, but good. Only thing that changed was him being on a contender. No surprise he's helping the Bulls win.

Crawford shoots like J.R., a lot and in a hurry. Very good scorer.

J.R.'s defense is good some games. He's versatile and has stepped up several times when Melo was out.

Crawford and J.R. are 6th Man Of The Year candidates. Who do you think will win? Will either of them be the one who wins?

So again, who do you like most for this team?