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    Default Im clueless of this Knicks organization .....

    Originally Posted by deamon
    Great win.
    That's the Knicks from begin of the season.
    Playin D, ball movement, chemistry, smile at faces.
    Keep it guys, go Knicks!

    I miss the game last night, but will watch it on MSG channel at 10:30 this mourning.
    I did check the stats for minutes played .. and this is the first time in a very long time that coach Woody gave out the right minutes that fit our players talents and skills .....

    JR's minimal skills supose to average under 30 minutes, 28 minutes should be his tops.
    Felton supose to be averaging 24 minutes b/c we have 3 PG.
    Tyson is a 4 to 5 foul center that any minutes over 26 minutes is soft Tyson Chandler.
    Novak is a 27 minute peremeter shooter that should be averaging 10 shot attempts per game.
    Shump defensive energy in the backcourt is still rookie-raw, making Shump a 24 minute player receiving 16 to 18 minutes in the 2nd half of every game. And hell-no Shump is not a starter! yet. Emergency start only.

    Our bench depth should be lead by HOF coach/player Jason Kidd & Camby receiving 24 minutes each per game.
    Prigioni & Copeland tandem earned 18 minutes per game in their consistent performance in our preseason games to be groomed throughout the regular season.

    Why coach Woody did not coach our players to their best skills/talents/strength by minutes played this season?
    Because coach Woody stayed focus on "TRYING" to get a gellin-chemistry out of one lineup -- Tyson/Melo/JR/Felton, which we seen the 4 players received 40 minutes of playingtime showing poor defensive-effort in to many games.

    I dont know what the hell is going on with this Knicks team, where the headcoach never comments on the great-effort from the team-roster, but is forever making his first priority toward hyping or defending our two-EGO high-scorer who consistently show NO-DEFENSIVE-EFFORT .. Melo & Stat.

    There's one thing we can count on with a missing Melo & Stat .. coach Woody is not going to allow any more benchplayers to pull a winning-streak Linsanity move to take focus off of Melo being the so-call Leader-Star of the Knicks...
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