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    Default Knicks 2013 draft pick

    Let's assume late first round pick 20-30 range.

    So who should they target?

    My vote:

    Myck Kabongo

    (ESPN draft summary below)

    Overall Rank 33
    Position Rank 4
    Hollinger PER 19.65
    Projection Late First Round Pick

    Pure point guard
    Excellent floor vision/leadership
    Makes very few mistakes
    Good athlete with quick first step
    Great first step to the basket
    Good shooter with range out to the 3-point line
    Committed defender
    Great kid


    A bit undersized

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    Default Followup

    Some other options (other than Myck Kabango, who may stay in school, or be picked ahead of the Knicks):

    Backup Centers: Gogui Dieng, Steven Adams
    Backup PG: Shane Larkin, BJ Young, Lorenzo Brown

    My first choice of a big (in the Anthony Mason mold) is Patric Young. However, he has chosen to stay in school another year, which might mean the Knicks can target him in the 2014 draft.

    If Myck Kabango is unavailable at draft time, I would first go big with Dieng, then Adams, and then maybe Shane Larkin after that. I would definitely want to stay away from mistake/turnover prone PGs, even the ones ranked higher than Kabango overall. We do not need super scoring from the backup PGs, although being a 3-pt threat is a big deal. However, low turnovers, good defense, and the ability to get into the paint [finish when necessary] and then dish is the profile I think we all want in a PG.

    As far as backup centers go, I think durabilty #1, shot blocking and rebounding. I do not care much about scoring outside of the paint. The other argument does exist, an offensive big (either an outside threat to draw opposing centers out) or a real post-up player would make the Knicks offense practically unstoppable. However, a great shot-blocker would make up tremendously for the Knicks defensive deficiencies (look at the impact that Chandler and KMart - good but not great shot-blockers - have had). This was the role we all envisioned for Camby, but he just cannot stay healthy.

    Gorgui Dieng
    Long, athletic big man
    Excellent rebounder
    Intimidating shot blocker
    Good passer for a big man
    Unpolished offensive player
    Old for his class

    Steven Adams
    Long, athletic big man
    NBA body with huge hands
    Very physical player
    Terrific rebounder
    Excellent motor
    Needs to add experience/polish
    Looks completely lost on offense
    Very young for a NBA prospect

    Shane Larkin
    Super quick point guard
    Excellent shooter with range
    Pesky defender who racks up steals
    Sees the floor well
    Undersized for his position
    Rarely gets to the free throw line
    Struggles as a finisher

    BJ Young
    Scoring combo guard
    Quick first step
    Fast with the ball
    Attacks the basket
    Great floater
    Sees the floor well
    Needs to improve his jumper
    Mistake prone

    Lorenzo Brown
    Quick, big point guard
    Excellent ball handler
    Quick first step
    Solid playmaker
    Needs to add strength
    Needs to improve jumper
    Needs to be a better finisher at the basket

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