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the point i'm trying to make is that a new coach isn't going to fix this team. why do you think the offense changed all of a sudden? guys on this roster were not shooting and scoring at the pace they were before. if we had guys who could consistently get the job done and stay healthy i'm sure things would be different.

don't tell me about stat or copeland. if he could stay healthy for a season i can understand bringing him up. also copeland has to get better defensively to stay on the court or score at a ridiculous rate.

During the first half of the Nuggets game you watch as Felton our PG brings the ball down and the knicks just pass around the perimeter for what and why I do not know.........This is ok with Woodson ?

Then JR brings the ball down dribbles for 10 seconds then shoots ...this is ok with Woodson ?

We got to the foul line 4 times in the first half because nobody is driving ...this is ok with Woodson ?

All starts with the coach........I would start Prigioni and bench Felton.....We need a PG to run the team,,,,

Not saying Prig is the answer but we know whats not working.....and if its NOT working its Woodsons job to fix it...