I hate to type this but this season is over for us and the Knicks.All the blame does'nt go to one player,players or coach.The blame goes on the whole team.This team is pathitic and got way to much credit from the media and us the fans.This team is a disgrace to NBA basketball b/c you cannot win when your offense runs threw two players mello and smith.They're 13 other players on this team that is on this team also.I don't want to hear nothing about those 13 players sucking b/c they did'nt in the first two months of the season did they?No they did'nt and you know why this team looked like world beaters in those first two months? b/c they played TEAM BALL.

Then all of a sudden they start playing like they are now like crap? They quit playing team ball,quit hustling and quit playing defense.One team just can't play like world beaters then turn around and look like the worst team in the league.I think alot of egos got way to big and they went back to their old ways and played and coached like they did before.The way they played and coached before did'nt win them nothing and thats exactly what they are going to get this year NOTHING.This team is a joke and this team has no heart.