I'm now starting to think Woodson's coaching capacity will only allow him to produce a "middle of the pack" team over a full season. Notice how we are starting to resemble his former ATL Hawks. Not horrible but not really great either... just good enough to compete. His strong talk at the beginning of the season has fallen off and it seems the players have tuned him out to a degree. I don't understand his love for Melo at the PF spot for this long. The guy made his name in this league playing SF, so I don't get it. Novak SHOULD NOT be a rotation player but yet he his and his defense has got to be the worst in the league. Way too many jumpshots and I'm starting to think Felton isn't happy with the way the offense is run. Woodson allows everyone to bring the ball up court and do whatever. IMO this takes Felton out the game and we need him to be locked in. We have the lowest points/assist ratio in the league!! No ball movement and a coach who isn't adjusting during the game.

I had a really bad feeling last night when I saw the look on Woodson's face as the team was getting anal raped. He is now a clueless coach and when he gets back to the Garden it will be fire and brimstone if he doesn't get these guys back on track. This is NYC... we don't care nothing about your feeling bro.