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Fraudson love affair with Fast Ray killed any shot of a victory.

When Prigs on the floor we out scored the Blazers but with Fat Ray on the floor we were slaughtered. Not a more inept coach in all of the NBA right now than Fraudson, first half with Prigs in the game the Knicks up by 8 points, take out Prigs for Fat Ray and end the half down by 3. Second half down by 16 points take out Fat Ray for Prigs and cut lead to 6 points Last 6 minutes out goes Prigs in comes Fat Ray and we lose by 15.

Could be wrong but off the top of my head Knicks were +18 with Prigs on the floor and in the minus high 20's with Fart Ray on the floor. That is just bewildering incompetence on the part of any head coach and his staff.

Woodson is a Moron