All good points ^
You dont have to be an expert to see how bad Woodsons decision making is. He must be blind if he cant see that JR Brick is the one player that is hurting this team the most. I have said many times that he is not a team player and never will be. His fans will argue that he is athletic, is an explosive finisher and he can shoot, but i will tell them that he is way too inconsistent and is unreliable at best.
Woodson needs to understand that by shooting so much(low percentage btw) and dribble dribble dribble and than taking well contested shots, he is altimately highly ineffective and mainly, he is taking his teammmates out of the game.
Last night was the perfect example for that.
Woodson loves him and Felton for some reason and gives them too many minutes. This trio will never win anything.
I say fire all 3 of them and will be much better off with what we have.