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It's games like this where you need players to adhere to a system. Woodson clearly has trouble getting certain players to work within the confines of his, namely JR Smith. Players need to share the ball and move it well. This is happening only for stretches.

Woodson's substitutions are also baffling. Prigs should be allowed to do his thing when he's running the team well. JR needs to benched when he takes horrible shots. If Raygun doesn't have it he needs to sit as well. I'm getting tired of this.

I am sure before the game Woodson preaches ball movement.....Then once the game starts he lives in such of fear of not having Felton and JR in that even if they do not follow the game plan he will just play them....I keep saying play Prig,,,,,,,,For whatever reason we seem to gel on the court when he is in.....Woodson has already pre decided who he will play and it does not matter what kind of night they are having....

Dantonio seems to have the Lakers playing well.