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Felton's lack of footwork and perifoveal vision and overall body reflex is below average. He looks like a rookie on defense. He gets caught by the pick and roll ALL the time. Felton doesnt have the foot speed to keep up his man, thus easy points for ALL point guards in the NBA.
Feltons' issue isn't physical, he has the speed and quickness.

His problem (and many others on our team) is poor technique exacerbated by poor coaching strategy.

There are tell tell signs if a defender uses the proper technique to stay in front of his man (besides us seeing him stay in front of his man) and I don't see it with the majority of these players.

I'm fully confident that if hired, I could provide immediate dividends by teaching this team how to play defense. As a coach it really pains me to know that these "professional" coaches can't even get their players to display proper defensive fundamental techniques.

Just put the spotlight on a Tom Thibs team and watch the defense.