Best possible scenario for the rest of the season:

'Melo, Chandler get healthy within the next few days, allowing the Knicks to hang on to the two or three seed in the East.

Amar'e heals up quicker than expected and is back in time to get some meaningful playing time in the first round before getting back up to speed in time for the second round matchup with Indiana.

Rasheed Wallace comes back going into the playoffs and helps spread the floor for Melo and Amar'e posting up down low.

Knicks sign Delonte West to shore up their pick and roll defense at the point and give another guard who can break down defenses going to the hole (along with Felton).

Shump continues to grow stronger and quicker and is back to where he was defensively at the end of last season. He maintains the strong three-point percentage he has been shooting while bringing up his overall FG %.

JR has his ups and downs but gets hot entering the playoffs and continues to take it to the hole, getting to the foul line on a regular basis.

Novak's defense goes from horrible to somewhat tolerable, and he makes up for it with his increased scoring production, aided by Woodson running him around more screens to get him open.

Kidd's minutes get reduced to 15-20 per game, leaving him well-rested enough to play like he was at the beginning of the year and make a nice contribution in the playoffs.

Kenyon Martin and Marcus Camby get plenty of playing time while Amar'e and Sheed are out, giving them enough playing time to get into a good rhythm going into the playoffs, where they will offer tough defense and more big bodies.

Melo comes back with a vengeance, putting up huge scoring numbers, playing committed defense, and getting his teammates involved, on his way to winning his first MVP.

Knicks beat the Hawks 4-1 in the first round

Knicks beat the Pacers in a tough 7-game series, with 'Sheed, Amar'e, Camby and K-Mart coming up big against the Pacers strong front line.

Just before game 1 of the Eastern conference finals, Lebron pulls a hammy while going for a 360 between-the-legs dunk in the pre-game warm-ups, putting him on the bench for most of the series. Behind a strong defensive series by Shump on D-Wade, the Knicks pull out a miracle 4-2 to make it to the finals for the first time in over a decade.

Facing the much younger Thunder in the finals, experience and the Knicks' penchant for slow, grind-it-out play trumps the Thunder's youth and up-tempo style, with the Knicks finishing the series up 4-3, with 'Melo getting Finals MVP.

Knicks champions 2013 baby!

Now, if we could just put an end to this losing streak...