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    Default Should the Knicks stand pat?

    With all our injuries in our front court and with the remaining two players Camby and Martin having histories of injury problems is it wise that the Knicks hold out the hope that Wallace and Thomas return for the playoffs? Just don't think you can go into the playoffs counting on Sheed and KT to come back and what if Camby or Martin go down.

    Josh Harrellson is playing in Puerto Rico and would be a good addition because he played for Woody and he can knock down the 3 but I am not sure we can sign him because of that new CBA rule that says a team can not sign a traded player for one year of until the traded contract expires, he's been with Miami and they cut him so I would think the contract with Miami freed him for the Knicks to sign him but does anybody know for sure.

    Woodson said he didn't expect the Knicks to make any moves to fortify the frontcourt because Wallace and Thomas could be back around the start of the playoffs. And he said he still "absolutely" believes in the Knicks' decision to load up on older players over the summer, believing the injuries happened because the veterans played more minutes than expected because of injuries to other players.

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    I think Harrellson is out of the question because of the CBA, despite him being cut by Miami. I do think though that the Knicks should be proactive and make a move or two. Sheed was supposed to be back months ago but now its unlikely he'll play before the second round. As good as he is around the locker room, I'd cut Sheed for perhaps a younger more athletic big guy, and also white for either a wing guy who can shoot and defend, another big guy or a guard just to set us up at all positions for the playoffs.

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    This may sound bad but the Knicks have to remain pat with the players they got.

    Woody coached our rotation as if we had bonafide starters u can use in a 1st-unit and 2nd-unit lineup like the Heats Bosh/Lebron/Wade/Charmer, or the OKC Thunders Ibaka/Durant/Harden/Westbrook.

    Woody's rotation stink and ruin any chance of a team-concept .. Woody using the tandem of "Melo & JR" in the 1st-unit and the 2nd-unit lineups all season were our biggest destruction. That's considered bad coaching all-around .. the two players took 51% of the shot attempts, plus when exhausted or tired they never ask to come out, they will walk their dribble and hold the ball in one spot without callin any plays to setup their teammates to score.

    Woody's refusal to create an all bench-lineup throughout the season, especially in January when 3 players return to the rotation Camby/Stat/and Shump.
    Woody not letting the 3 returning players come off the bench together to establish a bench-lineup, showed no team-concept in expanding the rotation to gain chemistry or other strategies with these players skills.
    We were suppose to go on a winning-streak run when all 3 returning players were added to the rotation.
    Woody put Camby & Shump in starting lineup, and made one of the NBA career top-5 high-scorers come off the bench to receive 3 to 5 shot attempts per game throughout the month of January.
    Woody's coaching method with Melo/JR 48 minute greenlight status is why we have to remain pat with what we got...

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