The Knicks finished with 17 fast-break points -- their second-highest in a game this season -- which was fueled by their season-high 14 steals. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], arguably the team's best perimeter defender, led the way with four of them.

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Anthony Gruppuso/USA TODAY SportsIman Shumpert had four of the Knicks' 14 steals on Saturday.

"We're just trying to be as aggressive as possible," he said afterward, "and when we get stops on the defensive end and get out in the open court, that's where we're best"

The formula:

Melo + 2 Defenders (minimum) = Wins

Two months ago it was Melo + TC, Brewer, Sheed and even Kidd in a diminished role played good perimeter D.

We lost 50 % of that due to various circumstances and added the little defense we got from Kidd and Felton went south (Kidd too many minutes, Felton's hands);

hence the slippage.

Now it's Melo + Martin, Shump etc... and we're close to the formula. We are still riding the edge considering TC and Sheed's health.

I'm not going to say what we're capable of, but I will say it still appears we're going to live and die by the three. Aggression never hurts either. It is what it is.