I am completely in agreement with all of you who feel Melo needs to move back to the 3 and Shump back to the 2.

Melo at the 4 is a gimmicky way of playing, I like it in spurts but hate it as a long term approach. Now, being that Stat was out and even when he came back we did not want to disrupt the rhythm of the team by inserting him at the starting 4 I was cool with Melo staying at the 4. But Kenyon has emerged as a credible PF....now it would be foolish for us to expect his last two games performances nightly but he proved he is still worthy of a starting PF!

I too like Pablo, but his inability to create his own shot creates a huge liability for us, especially if we go with a more traditional starting 5 with Tyson and Martin

Kidd is probably the middle ground between Felton and Pablo so if we were to move Felton to the bench then Kidd would seem the wiser choice

Yet, I think Felton still needs to remain our Starting PG...His chemistry with Tyson is great and he and Kmart work together well. Look love him or not we do not win all of these past four games without him! He was Huge in Utah and even bigger in Toronto.

We are gonna need Felton to penetrate if we go with this lineup to draw people off Shump to get him open and to get lobs to Tyson and Martin.

Mr. New New Yorks rotation (not too different from what you guys are proposing)

Shump/Jr/ Pablo

That's a playoff built team...now we gotta get to the 2nd round before we get Stat back the way need him