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u shoulda put Kenyon Martin to get my vote plus 100% of everyone else to agree on the 5 game win streak.
JR.smith shooting % we could actually get better from a few other Knicks-players vs the past 5 teams.
Woody, Tyson, and Kidd been trying to get JR to drive to the lane, but JR been to busy playing Novak's position on the peremeter averaging six 3-ball attempts per game all season.

We play a second-round postseason team tonight in the Memphis Grizz .. what kind of game (inside or outside) will JR have vs Gasol/Prince/and Tony Allan???
K-Mart will be busy with Zach & Gasol to bully anyone else in the paint.
LOL true VERY TRUE!! I have been so hard on smith that I just had to give him some props.Your right thow Kenyon is the main reason the knicks are on this winning streak.I would have never thought he would have came in playing this way when he has been out a year.He has been a lifesaver and steal for sure!!!