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Woody should not let Tyson play tonight. Put Camby in and rest Martin as well. Yes we need the win but not at the expense of losing these guys to nagging injuries this late in the season. With #1 locked in place Heat got nothing to play 4 for the rest of the season....Unfortunately we have a lot to play for these last 10 games!
As I understand it if the KNICKS take the 2nd SEED in the Eastern Conference they will get home court advantage in the first and if they win that the second series as well. So that is allot to play for. Otherwise you sit your nicked up guys like Tyson and K Mart and you take what comes. For me I do not like the way we match up with the Bulls...and would rather play Milwaukee, Atlanta etc in the first round. Then there's the dream that Stat could be back for a second round. If he plays like he was playing WE NEED HIM...Trust me on that.
"So what do WOODY do...he plays everyone and is hoping to finish 2 behind Miami. Is that the concensus of y'all here?" We goin be fine.