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All for it. Any woman that can compete at the NBA level and is better than the next guy should absolutely be allowed on the team. There's no reason not to have women play if they've got enough game.
I have to disagree. The women have their own league, she is projected as the #1 pick in the WNBA so she should play there not be a freak sideshow for Mark Cuban.

I've only seen some YouTube videos of her but I don't think she's good enough to play in the NBA. It's one thing to dominate girls that are 5 inches shorter and weigh about 150 pounds but try that against NBA players. Compounding her problem is she is a front court player so she gets to play against the biggest and strongest guys in the NBA. If any women has a chance it would have to be as a 3 pt specialist like Novak not a 6'8" woman that has 18 weak dunks in her college career.