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I have to disagree. The women have their own league, she is projected as the #1 pick in the WNBA so she should play there not be a freak sideshow for Mark Cuban.

I've only seen some YouTube videos of her but I don't think she's good enough to play in the NBA. It's one thing to dominate girls that are 5 inches shorter and weigh about 150 pounds but try that against NBA players. Compounding her problem is she is a front court player so she gets to play against the biggest and strongest guys in the NBA. If any women has a chance it would have to be as a 3 pt specialist like Novak not a 6'8" woman that has 18 weak dunks in her college career.
Listen if she can't play, she can't play. But she should have as much a shot as anyone to try out. The WNBA is a woman's league but the NBA isn't a men's league. The NBA is the top basketball league in the world for all althetes, male or female. It just happens that there's never been a woman good enough (or given a chance) to make it to the NBA