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    Originally Posted by GordonGecko
    Listen if she can't play, she can't play. But she should have as much a shot as anyone to try out. The WNBA is a woman's league but the NBA isn't a men's league. The NBA is the top basketball league in the world for all althetes, male or female. It just happens that there's never been a woman good enough (or given a chance) to make it to the NBA
    Not true, Ann Meyers of UCLA tried out for the Pacers in 1979. Meyers got smoked in her tryout with the Pacers and the results will be the same or worse with Griner because she plays inside. Cuban just being Cuban running his mouth and I haven't heard Griner's 2 cents on whether she wants to play in the NBA or if she thinks she can.

    Luisa Harris and Denise Long were also women that were selected in the NBA draft but never tried out.
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