The Knicks are on a 10 game WIN streak, built on defensive STOPS in the final quarter.
Our scoring were 35% of our wins, our defense to outscore oponents were 65% of our 10 wins in the final quarter of each game.

Utah 90-83
Orlando 106-94
Toronto 99-94
Toronto 110-84
Boston 100-85
Memphis 108-101
Charlotte 111-102
Boston 108- 89
Miami 102-90
Atlanta 95-82

Its been a decade since we had a 10 game win streak .. 1999 offense/defense energy from:

I would like to give this 10 game win streak to coach Woodson, but the margin of points on each win goes to a starting PF-Kenyon Martin toughness tandem with Jason Kidds leadership for Team-STOPS in the 4th quarter.