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    Default Options for next year

    I know they'd never do it like this but humor me for a minute.

    Guaranteed contracts for next yr (8):



    • 2 PGs (preferably quick/athletic, capable of penetration & transition play)
    • A bigger scoring 2 assuming JR Smith bolts
    • More skilled size/depth up front
    • More overall youth & athleticism
    • Try to convince both Kidd & Camby to retire (buyouts coupled with offering front office positions maybe?)*

    Step 1:

    Maximize the draft. Think about trading down and grabbing 2 capable players for our 1st rounder.

    • Trade our 2013 #1 (25 range) & cash to Cleveland for picks 32 & 33 and select:
    - PG Pierre Jackson 5'10" 180 (Baylor)
    - PF Cory Jefferson 6'9" 230 (Baylor) or Adreian Payne 6'10" 230 (Michigan State)

    • Our 1st rounder (and cash if necessary) to Philly for picks 36 & 41

    • Our #1 (and cash if necessary) to Portland for SG Will Barton and picks 39 & 46

    • Our #1 to Phoenix for picks 34 & 52

    ** if we can't outright trade the pick, make the selection for whichever team at 25 and have them do the same. Same thing.

    Step 2:

    Resign JR Smith (seems unlikely now all of a sudden) and Chris Copeland.

    Step 3:

    Consider signing any of the following to league minimum deals:

    Marcus Cousin 6'11.5" 255 (currently playing in Japan)
    Jordan Williams 6'10" 260
    JaJuan Johnson 6'10" 225
    Brandon Davies 6'9" 235 (BYU) - summer league/training camp invite

    Jermaine Taylor 6'5" 210 (currently ripping up the D-League)
    Jamelle Horne 6'7" 220 (former Arizona Wildcat, currently playing in Puerto Rico)
    Scotty Hopson 6'7" 220 (former Tennessee Vol, currently playing in Israel)
    Chris Douglas-Roberts 6'7" 210
    Gary Flowers 6'8" 215
    Austin Freeman 6'4" 230
    Derrick Byars 6'7" 220
    Sylven Landesberg 6'6" 210

    Michael Loyd Jr. 6'1" 190 (former BYU Cougar/Midwestern State Mustang) - summer league/training camp invite
    Curtis Jerrells 6'1" 195 (former Baylor Bear, Europe)


    A roster I'd LOVE to see next year:

    5 - Chandler
    4 - Amar'e
    3 - Melo
    2 - Shumpert
    1 - Felton
    Marcus Cousin
    Cory Jefferson (or Adreian Payne)
    Jermaine Taylor
    Pierre Jackson
    Jordan Williams
    Brandon Davies
    Chris Copeland (or Jamelle Horne if Cope gets another deal we decide not to/can't match)
    Scotty Hopson
    Michael Loyd Jr.

    Again, I know for a fact that they'd never come up with a blueprint exactly like this but I just wanted to point out that there are PLENTY of good viable options out there to get younger and more athletic while also increasing the team's overall skill level despite being over the cap. I was convinced before but never moreso than now since K-Mart came up with knee soreness that NBA basketball is a young man's game. I want a younger/more athletic/more talented roster next year to help us compete better with teams like Chicago, Indiana, Memphis, Oklahoma City, etc. To me the above roster has everything we'll need -- fulfills my younger/quicker/more athletic mandate; 2 PGs behind Felton that can continue to penetrate and play uptempo when Felton sits; 2 talented scoring wings in Jermaine Taylor and Scotty Hopson that can help replace JR Smith if he signs elsewhere; and plenty of youthful size, length and skill up front with Marcus Cousin, Cory Jefferson (or Adreian Payne), Jordan Williams and Brandon Davies to help us sustain a grueling 82-game schedule AND compete against the younger/bigger frontcourts of the NBA.
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