I have a feeling we're going to keep Copeland and bring Sims up from the D League those 2 will add some youth to our front court and will still be cheap.

As for Giannis all the guys who were scouting him go after the knicks in this draft. Except the Celtics who need a backup PG way more than the knicks. Arguably the knicks are the first team on draft night who has any need for a swingman forward.

Draft Express still has him going a spot after the knicks pick and thats after the number 1 euro player decided not to go this draft. EIther way who knows? The knicks will likely, wisely play this thing close to their chest since they learned after the warriors stole curry. If its anything like Shump they will find a guy early and ask him to sit out other team workouts due to "injury" once its over.