Got in this debate on Facebook, just copied and pasted what I wrote.
KD gets calls at a asinine rate at home and it only changes by a few attempts on the road. You can't breath on that dude. Seriously as a defender the best way to make KD ineffective is to body up and be physical. But seeing as you can't touch the dude as a defender you're at a disadvantage. If Anthony holds on and wins the scoring title over Kevin Durant, along with our Knicks winning out with an 18 game win streak heading into postseason play (franchise record along with 8th all-time amongst the NBA) while our Knicks splash as the two seed... There is no question in my mind, that Anthony walks away with the NBA's 2012-2013 Most Valuable Player Award. Why? Because that's exactly what he's been. The leagues most valuable player as our team has overcame (multiple) team injuries. It's also not about "how you start" but instead how you finish. That's what writers and voters will go off of.

Anthony winning the scoring title while leading his team to 18 consecutive victories as a two seed despite multiple team injuries to our big men, and he's without question, the MVP of 2012-2013. During our 12 game win streak Carmelo Anthony has put up...

11 games along with an average of 36.3 minutes, 32.7 points, 8.2 rebounds, 7.09 free throw attempts, 1.6 assists, 1.0 steals, 0.5 blocks along with only 2.7 turnovers per game.

135/271 from the field which creates for a FG percentage of .498%. He's gone 24/58 from beyond the arc which creates for an outstanding 3PT percentage of .413% while also going 66/78 from the free throw line which creates for a free throw percentage of .846%. A combined 225/407 from the field which is good enough for a total shooting percentage .552%.

Lastly our Knicks only being 6-7 without Anthony (.462%) when compared 44-19 during games in which Melo has played (.698%) doesn't lie.

Knicks just walked into OKC without Camby, Wallace, Thomas, Stoudemire and Martin while Melo (once again) led the way as the most valuable player over Westbrook, Ibaka and Durant. That's the definition of most valuable and it's been like this throughout the entire course of the season.

Anthony: 15/29, 36 points, 12 boards (9 offensive), 1 block and 0 turnovers. Win.
K.Durant: 7/17, 27 points, 7 assists, 4 blocks, 3 assists, 3 boards and 4 turnovers. Loss.

The refs also gave Durant 13 points off 15 free throw attempts. Can't even breath on the guy on the perimeter while Melo had 0 FT attempts until the closing moments of the 4th while fighting hard down low during the entire game. Pathetic.

Why does KD always dissappoint in marquee matchups?

Everytime there is a huge game he seems to cower. Whats up? Lebron this year and last year, Melo last tonight, old man kobe last year. You look at his stat line all you see is meaningless point because free throws that are handed to him because he is weak. Dude needs to man up and grow mentally. Arent you supposed come back stronger after losing in the finals? Guess we'll see in the playoffs. All we know the torch from mj to kobe to lebron might skip him.

Russell Westbrick out preformed KD last night. 37/11/8.

1-11 vs Melo
2-9 vs Lebron
7-14 vs Kobe

You have to be shocked by how many FTs Durant gets. It's most insane when he plays against other superstar teams and you just see the discrepancy in how the game is called. just kind of shocking, it really inflates his efficiency numbers.

Kevin Durant, a tiger with the mentality of a cat. Russell Westbrook is the alpha male on the team and takes charge of the offense. Durant only shoots a high percentage because he defers to Westbrook. If Durant grew a pair of nuts and took more volume shots, he'll be shooting 46-47% in the Kobe and Melo range.

Melo owns his soul.
Stats from their matchups since 2010:
Melo: 36.8mpg, 31.2ppg, 8.6rpg (3orb), 1.8apg, 2.2topg, 49.1fg%, 38.5 3pt%, 86ft%, 57.8TS

KD: 39.2mpg, 26.6ppg, 6.4rpg (.4orb), 3.2apg, 3.4topg, 40fg%, 25 3pt%, 90.3fg%, 56.7TS

Melo plays WAY above his average and KD plays WAY below his average. It's crazy.

Melo is closer to the LBJ / Durant elite than anyone wants to admit, mainly because Melo is not very likable.