In my mind Melo > Durant. I've said as much before. Melo is a better defender, rebounder, post threat, ball carrier, and scorer. Durrant is a better passer and facilitator by a small margin, but over all Melo is the better player.

Keep in mind that Durant is much younger then Melo and his game should evolve as Melo's as and as time goes on he will surpass him (just as melo has surpassed kobe with the passing of time) But currently, Melo is the better over all player.

And is it just me or did Melo go HAM all year and actually add weight? Looking at the game yesterday Melo looked big and strong. A lot different then he looked when he first came to the knicks and a good many lbs heavier then when he joined the league as a corn rowed skinny kid. All of the non-knicks fans will tell you differently, that durrant is the better player, scorer, dunker, shooter but i disagree on almost all points. Yesterday was affirmation of that point. I think that Melo will earn a lot more respect from NBA fans in the playoffs and if he plays really well could bring NY it's first chip in nearly 40 years. Should he play at this caliber you will also see him get those calls you see durrant and LBJ get now, which will push his totals even higher....

I'm gonna goahead and put an exclemation point on this post:

Carmelo Anthony is the best player on the best knicks team ever assembled, making him the BEST player to ever put on a knicks jersey. He should be MVP this year. If he stays focused on WINNING and committed to greatness he could go down as one of the best players in basketball history. These playoffs will determine everything for Melo.