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    Kiya hit it on the head.

    OP made some good points but Durant is a 50/40/90 guy this season whilst being a v high scorer. If you look at career numbers Durant has a higher career points per game average. Rebounding is a wash for their careers,as is assists. I think Durant is a better teammate/locker room guy, although as others have pointed out Melo has matured in this area.

    I think Durant is slightly the better overall basketball player.

    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    Metro .... u was wrong for makin this Post LMAO

    u are absolutely right .. Melo & Durant are two different types of players.
    Being a Knicks-Fans, and Carmel being a Knicks .. does not mean LIE for the sake of the Knicks.
    its not that personal.

    Durant is a better teammate than Melo (70/30)

    Both Melo & Durant were drafted by deep bottom teams .. their career growth, and the team growth, put the two players in different worlds.
    Durant actually built his team from ground-up with young teammates, and a fresh first season NBA headcoach.
    Durant skills n talents advance each season along with the advancement of his team postseason appearance.

    Melo was given young experience postseason star players to advance the growth of his team, somehow Melo's team consistently got swept in the first round.
    D.Wade & Lebron James was put in the same circumstance as Durant & Melo coming into the NBA.
    Somehow under their rookie contract Lebron / D.Wade / and Durant visit the NBA FINALS...
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