Some jiveass talk in these parts....

Allow me end this thread, and all foolcats who seriously believe this Melo > Durant.

some posters here trying to convince (themselves?) that Melo is a better rebounder, passer, or scorer...or better anything. Pass some of that shizz being smoked before people poster

Looks like i gotta do the research to help bring the reality to those who afraid of it or wanna gump from it.

24 Years old vs 28 Years old

.506 FG% vs .450 FG%

.410 3pt % vs .384 3pt%

.900 FT% vs .830 FT%

8 RPG vs 6.6 RPG

4.5 APG vs 2.6 APG

1.3 BLK vs .5 BLK

1.4 STL vs .8 STL

28.3 PPG vs 28.6 PPG .


Free throw shooter
3pt Shooter

Who led team to Finals already?


Oh, and KD co-exist with other stars and help build a true CONTENDER. How Melo play alongside your other MAX past cpl year?