ThunderThighs win points from me because of his boxing references. You gotta respect the swag.

With that said, I think Durant's shooting is great, but so is Melo's. I don't think its fair to say Durant is another league in terms of shooting. Melo may have more aggressive shot selection and Durant is more passive, which plays a enormous factor in their FG%, let's be honest about that. They're equal shooters if you want to be unbias about this.

Rebounding, Melo is the superior offensive rebounder and head to head, Melo has out rebounded Durant. Durant's rebound are similar to how Dirk rebounds, they fall to his hands; Durant doesn't box out and clear space for a board. Melo doesn't do that either, but he attacks the rim and is more active under the paint.

Melo is having an all time great season also. He broke an NBA record this year. Melo had 30 straight 20 point games. + others.