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Dude just cuz he passes less doesn't mean he's not a better passer. Do u see how crisp his passes are? How he always finds cutters? Are serious. You're blinded by their assist numbers. Kd really isn't a good passer at all... In any rate welcome to the site, your trolling has gotten you a notoriety already. Even if its silly nonsense. I'd rate kd over melo but don't short change melo and he's much better defender.

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Melo is such a good passer, then why doesn't he pass more? Why isn't he able to find people for these crisp passes (like a gift passer/floor general can)?

You don't have a 28yr old Stockton in your backcourt.

KD's passes are solid, however he is ABLE to find his teammates and setup his teammates for the passes.

Many NBA'ers can make sick, CRISP passes. If you aren't able to integrate this into your TEAM's flow, it doesn't matter so much.

KD isn't a Rondo who pumps up his defensive stats, even if it hurts team D. And Melo prolly is a more talented player defensively, but his defensive plays his teams n fans for punks too often.

Like i said to Mr Metro, let's see what happens in the playoffs.....