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First of all, Melo has a NCAA Champioship to credit as a frosh. What happened to KD in his one year at UT???? Couldn't even win the Big 12. Second, Melo had no help in cowtown Denver which why he got the hell outta there. I do seem to remember Melo carrying Denver to a Western Conference Finals.... And George Karl??? Good, but not great when matched up against Phil/Kobe/Co.... The West has been stacked for years while the East???? It took Lebitch jumping ship and bringing punkazz Bosh with him to win a title. 4th, KD had a TON of help with Westbrook and Harden, both stars in thier own right. 5th, Melo has better post/ rebounder game because a stiff breeze will BLOW KD's light ass away... And finally this is KO.COM don't come on here trying to troll our board sissy

Are u serious .... Melo won the MVP of NCAA championship, and a highschool player got the first pick, and a European Player got the 2nd Pick. I guess Syracuse coach Boe didnt want to co-sign for Melo LOL.
In Melo's draft class .. Lebron/D.Wade/Bosh all prove to have twice the talent & skills Melo have.
Melo did not see a 50 win season untill Iverson & Billups became his teammates (Melo only had three 50 win seasons in Denver.).

How did Melo carry the 2008-9 Denver Nuggets to the Western Conference Finals when the Nuggets went 20-2 that season without Melo in the lineup?
That same season Melo average 27 points per game taking 20 shots per game.
Chauncey Billups average 20 points per game taking 13 shots per game.
Plus Billups were able to get "Nene, K-Mart, Bird, and Klienza" to stay healthy to play in all 16 postseason games, REMARKABLE!!!

By the way this is K.O.COM where the truth is respected .... and the indirect LIES of owner James Dolan being the best NBA General Manager by personally hiring Laydum, Isiah, Larry Brown, Walshup, Damnphoney, and Melo are the laughable trolls on the board.