Westbrook averages 7.6 assist when he decides not to chuck it up like an ass...you're telling me that won't make Melo's game easier ? Having a lighting fast PG who can get to the baja at will and open the defense up and pass it off to him?

Woodson has to nearly beg Smith to drive to the basket, Melo's game is atleast over 70% unassisted, where as Durant plays with an elite PG, defenders(Ibaka,Sefalosha), and screeners (Collison/Perkins).

You fakeassknicksfan****sucker, do you realize how you sold your orange and blue for a yellow punk dude like KD?

Put KD on the Knicks and youll see him struggle to look for those easy shots he get in OKC.

Bryant went through similar struggles when he had a weak roster in LA.

man, your head is empty.