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Zab Judah is actually a very good boxer despite his loses. Kevin Durant never been #1 in the NBA so he doesn't earn the James Toney title because James Toney in his championship run was the best in his division. Durant is great, top 3-5 player, but not P4P #1 yet. Carmelo Anthony exists.

Your punches are slaps I don't even need to put a guard up for. lol
The Hatton comparison makes a lot more sense now so I can't really go against your word.
I met Zab once, and one of his bros. Good man, good boxer, but you are comparing him to a rare, generational talent. This is why Toney is warranted; KD does things you never seen a man his size do before, and he's a true craftsman, just like Toney.

Durant is still growing. People were ****ting on Lebron but 2yrs ago for not being aggressive enough and being a finisher.

I like you. No beef or homo. I don't wanna pile onto a team still in playoff's, so I won't say much more on this till Melo and KD finish their 13' playoff dance.