Look I am of course biased towards anyone who is affiliated with The Knicks...but I am also realistic.

I mean as good a job as Woody has done coaching this year Tommy Tibbs, Karl and Spolestra all deserve the nod over him for Coach of The Year

Tyson has been pretty good defensively this year, yet I do not think he even came close to Defensive player of the year

But honestly I do not see anyone as doing a better job in the front office as Glen Grunwald.

At the start of the season this was Mitch Kupchick's award and Billy King was probably 2nd with Glen not even being thought of (outside of us oh so insightful Knick fans of course) but The Lakers have been...enough said!

and Brooklyn has been steady but with Damian Lillard emerging as a possible star and Gerald Wallace (who Portland traded away for the pick that nabbed Lillard) being over payed and out of the rotation, Kris Humphries too got a big contract and has been out of the rotation and neither of their self proclaimed "best backcourt in The NBA" being able to land a spot on The All Star Team, not to mention the firing of their coach just a month in it is hard to consider this a praise worthy front office job by King to say the least.

The Heat were thought to have made this huge splash...but Ray Allen and Lewis have been forgetful this year! The inability to sure up the Center position but rather chase more perimeter players is a head scratcher...now on the court The Heat have been fine, but that's from Pat the Rat's work 2 years ago! They got The Birdman, but Martin is looking like the far better option, plus Birdman still has an open case for Child abuse so he's not the most PR friendly player to have!

Now to Glenny.

In a year without any draft picks he still brought in 2 very solid rookies. not your conventional rookies, but that only further proves my point!

I thought Copeland was a meaningless signing as well as Pablo and both have been huge for us during this streak.

I thought we blew it with not getting Kmart at the start of the season only to nab him on the cheap and he's proving very effective..keeping him out of Mia was huge in terms of the balance in The East!

other off season moves are proving pretty good...I mean Camby did not pan out at all, Steve got a little more money than I am comfortable with but getting Kidd, huge! and regardless of what you feel about Felton, Lin not taking the league by storm and standing out as an elite PG (at least not yet for all you Lin supporters and/or Felton bashers) makes our front office look smart for not matching that tough offer sheet.

JR Smith will get paid this summer, as he absolutely should, but not overpaying last summer was also another smart move and dollar for dollar there has not been any better value from a bench player not on a rookie contract. And the same can be said for Felton; love or hate him, from a GM standpoint any non rookie player averaging more than 3x as many points as millions he's earning is a great value for a team!

Consider it has been as bad a year with injuries as any and we got 50 wins when a lesser put together squad would be fighting for a playoff spot right now.

Now some of the credit goes to Woody of course, but Glenn has set the squad up beautifully.

Thoughts? any possible GM of year I am forgetting?