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Thread: Knicks vs Dulls

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    Originally Posted by PaPZ187
    Exactly.....we really need a healthy KMart and Chandler in the playoffs......maybe wont need both as much against Boston (need atleast one regardless who we play) but definitely will need them against Indiana, Chicago, Miami, etc if we wanna come out of the East.

    I gotta give Melo credit though.....he has really played his ass off and been very good on the boards despite playing out of position.....especially on the offensive boards.....he's been a beast lately.
    Truth be said: after we get pass the weak-weak small-ball Boston Celtics in the first-round (shootin 3 balls), the Knicks will need a frontcourt bigmen rotation of "Tyson / Camby / Amare / and Kenyon Martin" to compete at winning a 7 game series vs Indiana in 6 games.
    It dont look good for Woody or Melo if we lose a 7 game series verse certain east teams like:
    Boston, Atlanta, BROOKLYN, Chicago (minus Rose), or Indiana (minus Granger), because 90% of our bigmen are to injured to play.
    And Melo's comment lastnight .......

    "They can have it," Anthony said. "They can have it. They can have it. They can have the regular-season wins. They did a great job at beating us four times. We're not worrying about them at this point."

    I jus dont understand this guy Melo, nuthing in Melo's repetior has change his growth as a teammate.
    Melo trying to sound like he's a postseason winner wid dat comment lol.

    During our 18-5 early run this season it was coach Thibs Bulls who stopped us from having a 10 game win streak back then, with a 30 minute Nate 14 pts, 6 rb, 8 ast, 1 st, 1 to.
    Nate Robinson been putting it on us all season for a Bulls win .. we all shouldve known that Nate was going to have a season-high in one or two catagories in our final season matchup ( I miss Nate, W.Chandler, and David Lee. they were Draft-Keepers).

    Melo better do something about his ego-attitude and get all our bigmen on court for the postseason games...

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    U never give him his props. What is supposed to say, is he supposed to harp on it.... U can't be a real knicks fan and always hate on our most successful season in a long while and majority of it is melo. Give him his props

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