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    Default How did Jones look?

    I see from the box score he played 12 minutes, not stats to speak of, but only -1 +/-, I assume in garbage time.

    Not terrible statistically considering he has never even practiced with his teammates.

    So my question is: Given all this, how did he look?

    I just got home and am about to start the DVR to decide for myself. But I welcome any feedback in the interim.

    Please do not reply with "this guy is a scrub, no points and only one rebound". He had no shots (and in my book 0-0 is better than 0-6, especially with no practice time, it might actually indicate that he is a smart player, realizing that shooting out of rhythm might be a bad thing to do team-wise) and it might or might not matter that he got only one rebound, depending on the situations. I am more interested in:

    - did he defend on ball?
    - did he make some defensive rotations? (not was he perfect, how could he be with not even one practice?)
    - did he seem totally lost? or did he have some basic BB IQ?
    - did he intimidate any shots?
    - did he box out? resulting in others on the Knicks getting rebounds?
    - did he go after any offensive rebounds? resulting in another Knick getting one?
    - did he run back on defense?
    - did he show any offensive skills at all? pick and roll? any good passes? any ball skills for a big?

    In a few hours I will have formed my own opinion on all this.

    Just trying to figure out what can be figured out before Sunday's game.
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