Ready Up Raymond

A look at the transition of Felton's game this season, the associated numbers, and the role he'll play as X Factor for the Knicks in the playoffs.

As the 2012-2013 playoffs loom for our beloved Knickerbockers, one player I'll personally have under the microscope is Raymond Felton. Hardly a point guard whose name you'll hear mentioned in the same breath as CP3, Westbrook and Rondo, but the role that the Knicks' talented and (at times) unpredictable PG will play in the postseason is integral to the Knicks and their season's aspirations.

Felton's role has gone through a real metamorphosis in the last 40 games of the season, now playing starting SG with Prigioni has reshaped the Knicks' offensive approach, and Ray's facilitating game has taken a step back as he plays off the ball and waits for his chance to create offensively.

A look back at the beginning of the 12-13 campaign.

After a solid start to this almost finished season, Felton broke out and played effectively as the Knicks' main facilitator, along with providing a scoring threat and playing decent, disruptive defence as an individual, and as a team defender.

He and Woodson share an understanding in the pursuit of their goals, and Raymond has showed on more than one occasion that he's an advocate of Woodson's personality and approach.

He clicked instantly with Tyson Chandler, and his offence maintained continuity, aggression, penetration and ball movement, and all round his decision making was widely regarded as suitable/befitting for the Knicks' roster.

Most notable at the start of the 12-13 season, was his stand out performance against the San Antonio Spurs on April 15th last year, dropping 25 points on a helpless Tony Parker. Parker and the Spurs had no answer for his strength and quickness, and Felton had reestablished himself as a player that cannot be overlooked defensively, after an abysmal prior season in Portland.