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being u checked the box-score u also notice Melo took 23 shot attempts to get 25 points.
Woody's best decision in this game was not letting Melo get any playingtime in the 4th qrt.

Jim.... im tired of this forum giving all the 2012-13 Knicks success this season to a 40% FG Melo, as if the other 4 players on the court dont exist. This forum talk about Tyson, Kurt, Amare, Novak, Felton, Cope, and White like a dog this season.
Little do they know, it was HOF Jason Kidd orchestration that lead coach Woodson & Melo having a succesful season.

In the Pacers game it was clear to see that Knicks-players - Kidd, Shump, JR, Copeland, and Novak/Prig had this WIN in their pocket as early as the start of the 2nd quarter. When u seen our offense rotating where 7.2 Hibbert had to keep running outside to defend Copelands Jumper, and Shump/JR slashing to the paint with Hibbert outside defending Cope. When Hibbert went to the bench Cope took it straight to the hoop on West, plus our transition game gave us a season high of 16 fastbreak points. com'on Melo shouldve forgot about the scoring title to cheer for his teammates from the bench.
Kiya we are going to have to agree to disagree here. I am tired of explaining how jump shooters that score a lot have to take a volume of shots so shooting % is a terrible way to rate them. You "efficiency experts" disguised as basketball fans don't get it and never will because you haven't played enough basketball to really know what's going on....I get all that....So if you want to give all the credit for our first division title in over a decade to bench players that play 10 minutes a game and barely average double figures over our MVP candidate that is leading the league in scoring them that's your business.