I'm sorry it's the first word i think of when i see your name pop up... U just mentioned 4 other players should help get recognition and the whole team should. But melo should get most of the acclaim as he should get most of the blame if we are unsuccessful in which he has. But u constantly focusing on what he doesn't do is beyond my belief when no one has done better then him as a knick in the past 2 decades and he can still turn it into doing something that the great Patrick ewing couldn't do. you say kidd should get credit for bringing something out of melo, well thank u kidd(who's been my fav all time player since he was drafted) for bringing that "it" out of melo. Thing is that "it" thing is what u hate on. Can u answer just one question, when melo carries us for quarters or haves, when he beasts on the offensive rebound for the and 1, do u cheer? Can u please answer that.

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