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All these retirements, waives, signings ....awaited arrival of Chandler/Martin/Camby will it mess up our team chemistry? Too much changes within a week and the playoffs are this weekend...can Knicks hold it together? Celtics are a weak team and I don't expect any challenge from them, but my main concern is this team's preparation for the playoffs.
I think the bigger concern should be getting those bigs quickly acclimated to game action. Barron, Q they won't see much time if any....if we have our way. Playoff rotations are about 8-9 guys, the 9th being a specialist. 8 will get heavy minutes. So you're looking at Chandler, KMart, Melo, Shump, JR, Kidd, Felton and Prigioni as the playoff rotation. You're looking at Novak/Camby as specialists/foul trouble minute eaters.