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    Smokes you're still missing the point I was trying to make. I wasn't emphasizing this one gm as being amazing. I was stating. How over the years has he proven to be effective as a deep bench big and not been signed by an NBA team yet. I see no difference between him and a mahimi or mozgof or any other 5 MPG back up center. That was all I'm saying. this is why I stopped posting on here. Because people don't really read read. They just skim through spot out what they wanna argue about and argue. I know last night was a throw away gm. But this isn't the first time earl has shown he can be effective. He deserves a minimum deal.

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    Actually you're saying several different things and I'm just addressing some of them.

    You don't understand why he hasn't been signed to a contract, he hasn't done anything deserving of being signed to a contract. How has he proved any worth as a deep bench big exactly? The only times he's ever put up numbers that aren't trash is during stints of extended playing time (not bench minutes) when teams have been desperate.

    There are plenty of differences between Earl and the other guys you mention. Barron is 31, 7'0 but skinny as hell with no shotblocking ability.

    Mozgov, Mahinmi, and bigs similar to them are young, with true C bodies and the potential to actually blossom into real bench assets or more. Comparison to Scalabrine is silly as Scalabrine had range out to beyond the 3pt line which is always a big plus where big men are involved.

    I'm aware you weren't emphasizing the game as being amazing, you just stated that his contributions in this ONE THROWAWAY GAME are bigger than "many of our ageless bigs" which is ridiculous. Sheed, Camby and KMart have contributed more to this Knicks team in a handful of injury-ridden games than Barron has contributed to all the teams in his entire career.

    You do realize this is a forum right? A place to discuss and debate. How exactly is this an argument? Just because I'm challenging things you say that I have a differing opinion on doesn't make it an argument. If you're so sensitive that you don't wanna be here because people disagree with you, then an internet forum isn't the place to be brother.

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    Hmmm, While I don't think Earl is deserving of a vet. min contract offer I do see his value on an NBA court. In past stints with the Knicks he was pretty good and proved that he can still run and play effectively as evidenced last night, throw away game or not. I honestly think he will give us more then Camby will at this point. That could be due to a difference in mindset by woody and camby or because of camby's fitness level or both. But I am certain that Baron will get more minutes then camby in the playoffs.

    I also have high hopes that he will be an effective contributor, too. 31 isn't that old, he's been playing ball and staying in shape (skinny as that shape may be) and he knows the offense and his role. Solid, underrated pick up for the playoffs. Not going to give what Sheed may have been able to if healthy but he is a good stop gap solution.

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