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    Default Kinda funny 1992-1993 - 2012-2013 ( Must Read)

    20 years later we embark on a playoff run as the second seed. we can ultimately expect to beat every other team except one team, who marks the jersey of the best player in the NBA ---- Lebron James. the pacers are the mediocre defensive team who is on the up and up featuring a 7 foot 4 center, and an all star swing man named hibbert and George- featuring a coach who preaches defense and team basketball ( see rick smits, reggie miller, larry brown) . in 1992-93 the knicks had a new coach ( pat riley ) like they have now (woodson) who came in after 5 or so years of mix and match coaches who all preached different philosophies ( see rick pitino, George mcloud, zeke Thomas, mike dantoni, larry brown, stu Jackson, lenny wilkins,) trying to utilize our super star ( Ewing ) to the best of his ability ( Melo ) the supporting cast featured one shooting guard who had all star capabilities but also emotionally could fly off the handle and shoot his way in or out of a game ( JR Smith ) ( John Starks) the rest of the squad was filled with bruisers and a PG who was bought in to run the offense, but was essentially past his prime ( Doc rivers ) ( Jason Kidd). We gathered during the off season top flight veterans who had success through out their careers, but were at the end of the line when it came to their prime to support our featured superstar. The Celtics were once dominant, however still dangerous, relinquished the atlantic division title to the knicks for the first time in over a decade ( See similar records from 92-93 and 2012-13 with the retiredment of bird parish McHale compared to pierce garnett and the leaving of ray allen) and the new jersey nets ( Brooklyn ) were on the rize featuring a combo of a top notch pg and an underachieving big man ( Kenny Anderson - Derrick Coleman - Deron Williams - Brook Lopez- see the record and stats of the early 90s nets and the now Brooklyn nets) The western conference featured a young and exciting team featuring a quick all star pg and the second best player in the NBA ala phoenix suns barkley and kevin Johnson now Durant and westbrook, who stood in the shadow of the pippen and Jordan combo ala LeBron and wade( see the playing style and make up of the 92-93 suns and look at the make up of the 2012-13 thunder). its amazing how much history of repeating itself, the question is will the knicks accept this or change the books and finally break past the mountain in front of them, because unlike Jordan, LeBron aint retiring any time soon to give us a one year window, and like the rockets with hakeem, if LeBron retires, Durant aint having it.
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    if Knicks will tight up their D they can easly compete with anyone but their D is still not enough i still see lot space between each of them. While Heat player using man 2 man D during money time Knicks simply shoot 3s or allowing driving into paint. From time 2 time they play proper D but still Knicks from 90s was way better more double teams but we have to say current basketball is way faster + stronger rules.

    I am talkin bout such D like Lin was "metting" during his linsanity they were 7-0 and then they were visit Heat and lin was simply "mettning with firewall"

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