Excellent win if for no other reason -- we got it not playing anywhere close to our A game...The clamp-down defense in the 4th pulled us through...Now for the bad news -- we can't expect to play like we did today and expect to win playoff games...Man did we stink for the most part or what??? Wow..Let's keep it real. Melo needs help on offense -- simple as that. Outside of Melo, everyone just plays so Goddamn tight on offense it isn't even funny. Ray Felton -- WTF is up with you buddy?!? TAKE THE ****ING BALL TO THE BASKET!! Jesus...If Bradley's on him and shuts down the drive, ok, swing it but if Terry or Pierce jumps out on him, Ray's eyes should be lightin' up like it's Christmas morning -- he's gotta take either of those guys off the dribble. Period. Woody's gotta DEMAND that from him. If he doesn't buck up and use his speed to get in the teeth of that defense, he can sit for all I care...and I love Ray!! Very simple -- Chandler can continue to sit if he's not gonna bring it or cant because of injury -- I'd be ok rotating Martin and Barron. I thought Chandler looked lost out there. I know he's not 100% but F it -- this is playoff basketball now and we're chasing the dream. If you can't go step aside. If you don't want to play your heart out for whatever reason, then you can sit. And with JR --- Smith trying to create 20-25' away with this kid Bradley all over him isn't the way to go. Bradley takes that right away. It's a turnover or bad shot waiting to happen. Make the adjustment! They need to devise a way to get Smith the ball a hell of a lot closer to the basket in that matchup this way JR can use the height differential to his advantage. Post up JR on that kid!!! Nice win regardless. Got the 1st one under our belts -- now relax and come out looser and more confident in game 2. LET'S GO!!!