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This is the most retarded thing I've seen on the forums in a while. You guys are honestly up in arms about Sheed wearing a green jacket and high-fiving terry in a tunnel? This is stupid. Sheed has been a major part of the Knicks regular season success and is currently in a role as an assistant coach for the knicks, lending his leadership and knowledge to the team. And we're going to rip on him for this?

Sure if you're a pat riley type of person you don't even help your opponent off the floor, let alone high five them in a hall way. But in today's buddy-buddy NBA league, where sheed has played with a good % of the entire league and made friends all over, are you really surprised? come on, man.
Wow. I don't like to disrespect your posts p0nder but since you want to call out my thread for being retarded so be it.

This is half time of a playoffs game, he's not just high fiving Terry he was standing in the tunnel to the Boston locker room high fiving every Boston player as they went into the half after having opened up a lead on us.

If it's true that he's in an assistant coach role for us now that's even worse! Would you be happy seeing Mike Woodson or Herb high fiving the Celtics at half time?!?!

I'm speechless.