The Playoff series dont start untill the 2nd & 3rd game of the series ....
Teams have a chance for a counter-attack in a series

All Home-court teams won the first game of the series ....

Knicks over Boston 1-0
Miami over Bucks 1-0
Pacers over Atlanta 1-0
Nets over Bulls 1-0 .... Bulls tied series 1-1

Spurs over Lakers 1-0
OKC over Houston 1-0
Denver over GS 1-0
Clippers over Memphis in both games 2-0


Knicks win .. I wish we wouldve move the ball around more to outscore Boston with our BIGS.
I am hoping we stop fooling around with this 3-ball attack foolishness on a small-ball Celtics team, and get to SWEEPING the Celtics in next 3 games by letting Tyson Chandler & Kenyon Martin have a double-double each game.

Brooklyn Nets
won the first game by Deron Williams playing Bigman-ball with Lopez for the win over the Chicago Bulls that lead to a 25 point lead in halftime.
Bulls came back to win the 2nd game through coach Thib's counter-attack, plus Thib's had a new assistant-coach cheer leader on the bench name Derek Rose for this win at Barkley Center.

Pacers won the first battle over Atlanta, by Paul George tripple-double. what will Atlanta do in game two?

Miami Heat won taking a 20 point lead in the 2nd half for the win over the Bucks.


Spurs won the first game over the Lakers .. I just cant imagine coach Pop ever losing a series to coach Dantoni in this lifetime.

OKC won the first game over Houston with one hand tied behind their back, will coach Mchale have a counter-attack by game 2 or 3?

Denver Nuggets won a close game over Golden State with coach Mark Jackson losing his double-double bigman David Lee to an injury for the remainder of the postseason. GS already had a short rotation with Lee (7 man rotation). What will GS do the rest of the series to not get swept by the Denver Nuggets long deep depth 10 man rotatiot?

The Clippers long experience talent won
the first & second game over a dominating bigman Memphis Grizz team.
Grizz coach Hollins has the strategy to make each game go down the stretch, but the Clippers long experience 11 man rotation have to much experience talent gellin for the win.

I did want the Clippers & Denver to meet in the WCF .. both teams has a bench that could give u 40 points on any given night.