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I hope u watch Game-2 .... because ur so-call garbage men (Tyson & K-Mart) put on a 2nd-half DEFENSIVE-show of allowing Boston to score a total of 23 points in the 2nd half of the game .. if that is not 70% of a win then u dont know Basketball Jim.
We used a 1-2-3 punch on offense to give us a 2-0 lead over Boston.

Miami Heat 2-0 lead over Bucks are actually practicing different postseason lineups for 3 quarters on the Bucks.
Miami differ lineups in a 9+ man rotation has been aimed at stopping the Bucks top scorers, forcing them to pass.

Golden State win over Nuggets in Denver was a strategic coaching strategy from coach Mark Jackson.
Carl Landry took Faried out of his game, while Curry & Thompson force the defense towards them while they had a moving Jack & Barnes open to help the team shoot 60% from the FG to tie the series 1-1 in Denver.
I said it many times on this board .. Denver coach Karl is not a strategic postseason coach, Karl's best coaching strategy are in regular season games.
1-2 punch Melo/Jr lead our Knicks with 34 and 19 respectively while Kmart/Chandler scored 3 apiece. Not discounting the defensive efforts by any means holding the Celtics to HISTORIC lows games 1-2 points lowest points in a quarter/half. This team is hitting on all cylinders on both ends of the floor.