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I think we'll lose game 3 and win 4 and 5 to close out the series

Yeah .. thats the outlook everyone is given .. the Knicks in 5 or 6 game vs Boston.
It's ashame because everyone outlook of Miami or Indiana playing Boston in the first-round would be a SWEEP.

Chicago Bulls coach Thibs has found the Brooklyn Nets weakness by winning two straight to lead the series 2-1 with the next game in Chicago.

Memphis Grizz coach Hollins put the team on Zach Randolph back to stop the 10-Man rotation Clippers from winning in Memphis to make the series 2-1 with a chance to tie the series in Memphis.

Miami Heats 9-Man rotation is still turning up the volume in the 2nd half of the game vs Bucks for a 3-0 lead.